Case study: Radiance Holistic Fitness

Radiance logoCompany
Radiance, Holistic Fitness
A personal training and wellness company of entrepreneur Lyndsay Rideout.

Through the brand identity consulting process, I developed the following for my client’s business:

  1. Brand platform consisting of: vision, mission, values, personality, target audience profile, differentiators, promise, name descriptor and tagline.
  2. Communications and marketing plan which included annual business objectives, recommended, step-by-step tactics and an estimated budget.
  3. Creation of a business Facebook account and initial page set-up.
  4. Development of preliminary Facebook editorial calendar and ongoing consulting and guidance on content development.
  5. Reviews and suggested revisions of collateral such as business card and poster.
  6. Research and recommendation of online events software.

Opportunity & approach
Like many passionate entrepreneurs, Lyndsay was overflowing with energy and ideas. She came to me with her company’s name, icon and a laundry list of services she wanted to offer. All of these ideas were exciting but they made it very challenging for Lyndsay to focus her thoughts and to have a clear, consistent description of her business.

My approach with Radiance, therefore, was to help develop a deep and unwavering business identity. Through two in-person consulting sessions, I was able to help Lynsday articulate and decide on her core purpose and audience and to bring focus to her services.

With a clear business identity that captured Lyndsay’s passion and core ideas, we could then define the right business goals and tactics and develop a clear and functional business plan.

As a sole owner/operator with a young family, it was important to help Lyndsay allocate her limited time to only the most rewarding efforts – both personally and financially. I facilitated a few exercises to help her explore the time needed for each service and the realistic estimated revenue of each. This exercise helped Lyndsay visualize the actual number of hours needed for each service weekly and the estimated dollar value of those hours.

Radiance launched in the summer of 2015 and Lyndsay is implementing the communications and marketing plan and Facebook plan.

The communications and marketing plan had established 2015 targets for the number of one-to-one and group classes clients. As of October 2015, 80% of the client targets have been reached.

From the client
“I couldn’t afford the big budgets for brand building but knew I needed direction. I went though the Brand Platform process with Nathalie. Everything I do, say or create goes back to the target audience we identified that my brand resonates with. Going through this process has given me the guidance and clarity with how I should word and phrase things to resonate with potential clients. I think it’s worth the investment because as small entrepreneurs, we want to be seen as professional. Nathalie captured Radiance (and myself) perfectly in a nutshell. By far, Nathalie surpassed my expectations.”

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