Yup: Liberals walking the talk from day one


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Liberal Party of Canada

An interesting aspect of branding I, and all Canadians, noticed last week, was the speed at which a brand makes good on its promise.

On November 4, the newly elected Liberal government was sworn in. From day one, the government embodied its overall brand promise of ‘Real Change’. Within a week, the government had made good and started on about half a dozen of its campaign promises.

Little makes people trust brands more than when they actually walk the talk. When a brand is authentic and does what it says it’s going to, that inspires confidence and loyalty. Only time will tell if the Trudeau government makes good on its many campaign promises — you can actually follow along on this Trudeau ‘Promise Tracker’ website — but charging out of the gate and creating new and reversing existing policy within hours of becoming the official government has given Canadians the sense that ‘they’re really going to do it’. The brand’s decision for immediate and visible action was a clear signal that things really have changed, almost in a blink of an eye. And it will, I believe, buy them patience and trust as they continue to make their way.


Photo: Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press via AP | businessinsider.com

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