April 8, 2016

About me

Nathalie NoelI’ve been a strategic and creative communications and marketing professional for close to 20 years.

Most of that time has been in the non-profit sector but I worked at an advertising agency too. I have gained a diversity and depth of experience in branding, internal and external communications, marketing, public relations, advocacy, media relations, and website and social media development. Essentially, you name any branding, communications, or marketing project and I’ve probably done it at least once in my career.

I recently ventured into consulting. I was craving to do more work within my sweet spot or, as the author Jim Collins describes it, my Hedgehog Concept. This is the intersection of 3 things: what I’m passionate about, what I’m good at, and what has enough value that others will pay for it. I am naturally curious and analytical so I have a constant (and compulsive) need to understand ‘the why’ behind the things we do and say. (This is what makes me a great fit for branding, less great for elevator small talk.)

My sweet spot is helping people deeply understand their story (i.e. their brand) and consistently tell it to others. When a brand can do this it has more power. It becomes more focused, confident, genuine, and likeable. When brands haven’t identified their goals, have too many balls in the air, or try to be all things to all people, they make mistakes and spin their wheels.

I feel fulfilled when I help people see and communicate the uniqueness of their brands and help them stay on track to be authentic (i.e. what they’re actually doing matches their brand). Selfishly, my desire to help cause-based entrepreneurs and organizations to leverage their potential and achieve more is because I want a world where those doing good get a leg up and find success.